Education in Glory

Beholding the Glory of Christ in all his world
Reflecting the glory of christ in all of life

Now Enrolling K-7th Grade

Doxa Christian Academy is a new classical Christian school that exists to raise up young men and women to joyously and victoriously love and live for Jesus Christ. Currently offering Kindergarten through 7th grade for the 2024-25 school year, we are, as God wills, growing to a full K-12 school in the coming years.

Thoroughly Biblical

We Are Christian

Rather than being banished from education or simply tacked on, God’s truth supports, fills, and surrounds everything we do.

A proven approach

We Are Classical

The classical method cuts with the grain of the child's natural phases of development, in order to prepare them for the whole of life while fostering character and critical thought.

A family-school partnership

We Are Collaborative

We partner with and equip parents to give their children a rigorous, holistic education that makes the most of school and family life.

A message from the Association of Classical Christian Schools

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